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11th AGM, Conference & Exhibition "Quality is Priority" - English Version


WFHSS - World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply :: Conferences & Congresses :: Past 2006 :: 11th AGM, Conference & Exhibition

11th AGM, Conference & Exhibition
"Quality is Priority"

14 February 2006 to 17 February 2006
The Summit Hotel, Selangor, Malaysia

MSSA - Malaysian Sterile Service Association

The 11th AGM is organized by the
Malaysian Sterile Service Association (MSSA)

More Information:

Introduction Programme Registration Hotel


From The President

It is the time of the year for us to start planning yet once again for the next AGM, Conference and Exhibition - our 11th.

It has always been a source of pleasure for me to extend this invitation to all our members and friends to participate in this event. It is also a great source of satisfaction for me to note your unwavering support for the Association and your enthusiastic participation in its programs year after year and the great speakers that we have for the coming conference.

This year, our theme is "Quality is Priority". This is appropriate for us now as after more than 10 years of ground breaking work in education, under studying, setting standards - we must now look at ourselves with a different perspective.

Being the department entrusted with the task of ensuring sterile supplies for the entire hospital, we must be totally committed to producing a high quality service that we are proud of. We must be totally committed to the managing of a well-run, disciplined, knowledgeable and optimized department where the staff genuinely cares, listens and is committed to doing things the right way.

As sole provider of sterile services in a hospital, it is critically important for us to give quality assurance to the users of our services. It is therefore important to put a major emphasis on process improvement and quality issues to gain optimal efficiency within the department. To be successful, quality initiatives must be strategy driven, process focused and project enabled.

This conference will help us to identify and address some of the quality issues. This is only the beginning of a long arduous journey to learn and practice. However, we believe this is important and must now be undertaken.

Let us now begin to put quality into our lives and make "Quality is Priority".

Thank you,

Wan Muji Wan Ngah
Malaysian Sterile Service Association
December 2005

Introduction Programme Registration Hotel


Programme Highlights:

  • Annual exciting events not to be missed
  • Seize opportunity to have question answered
  • Prominent local and overseas speakers
  • Share information with foreign and local delegates
  • Increase productivity and efficiency through correct practice
  • Exhibitors who will provide information on latest technology
  • Beneficial conference sessions
  • Questions and Answers
  • Product update
  • Pre conference sessions for your benefit - (by invitation only)
  • Workshop to enhance skills
  • Educational visit (first come first serve)
  • Test your knowledge and earn rewards
  • Practical sessions
  • Standards for Washer Disinfectors - implication of EN ISO 15883.
  • Options for sterilization - applications, choices, validation, monitoring.
  • Key personnel in Decontamination - role, responsibilities, accountabilities.
  • Value of tracking and traceability - requirements, methods.
  • Planning design and built, workflow, staffing, training.
  • Performance requirement and quality assurance aspects of today's decontamination service.
  • Monitoring for cleaning efficiency in washer disinfector.
  • Design, implementation and accreditation of training programmer to an international standard.
  • Impact of standards on reprocessing of medical devices.
  • Requirements for utilities - water quality, steam generation - implication of standards and published guidance (HTMs etc).
  • Routine maintenance service and testing of key processing equipment (washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, sterilizers).
  • Enhancing commitment, ensuring quality.
  • Pack integrity.
  • How clean is clean?

Main Speakers:

  • Mdm Gillian Sills - United Kingdom
  • Mr. Peter Hooper - United Kingdom
  • Mdm Saedah Mohd Yunus - Malaysia
  • Mr. Martin Pfeifer - Germany

Introduction Programme Registration Hotel


Conference Package Member Non Member
Payment Received: RM USD RM USD
Before 15th January 2006 430.00 114.00 600.00 158.00
After 15th January 2006 550.00 145.00 700.00 185.00
From 1st February 2006 630.00 166.00 730.00 193.00

Conference package includes:

  • Lunches
  • Teas
  • Conference
  • One official dinner
  • Exhibition viewing

Conference Registration:

  • 14th February 2006 (Tuesday)
  • 9.30am - 11.00am (Level 5)

Preconference: 11.30am - 2.00pm
Educational visit: 11.30am - 4.00pm
Test your knowledge (Exam & practical skills): 12.00noon - 2.00pm

Please note, members shall pay all subscription dues to be eligible for the member's rate.

Registration Form

Please use the following form for conference registrations:

Introduction Programme Registration Hotel

Room Accomodation

For room reservation and payments, parcitipants shall contact the hotel directly. Please mention MSSA to be eligible for the special rate.

WFHSS - World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply :: Conferences & Congresses :: Past 2006 :: 11th AGM, Conference & Exhibition

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