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WFHSS Industrial Partners

The World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply and the WFHSS Website are sponsored by the following companies. Please visit the websites of our Industrial Partners. Since their business is related to hospital sterile supply, you might find useful information and/or products worth checking out.

Please contact if your business is related to hospital sterile supply and you want CSSD staff and managers see your company logo and website link on the WFHSS web pages.


Cisa s.r.l.

to Cisa s.r.l....


Cisa s.r.l. has been producing and selling sterilization systems for over 50 years for both hospitals and industrial sector, covering all sterilization needs. The operational techniques used for sterilization are combined with modern control techniques to ensure quality. Assistance to our clients is guaranteed via a capillary distribution network that allows us to provide constant onsite support in all those countries that we operate in.

Cisa offers a complete and continuously updated service, researched and engineered for the rapidly evolving market of sterilization machines, system and technologies. The close and continuous collaboration with university researchers translates the most advanced theories on germicide into efficient and trustworthy machinery.

The operating techniques adopted allow to cover all areas of market need: ethylene oxide, hot air, super-heated water, formaldehyde, mixture of air and steam. Every machine produced by CISA is designed with the same philosophy: ease of operation, maximum security and reliability. Cisa has developed a high quality control system and obtained the UNI ISO 9001 and UNI EN46001 certification from TUV Product Service.

TUV Product Service has also issued Cisa with a certificate for "CE" compliance based on European Directive 93/42/EEC for medical equipment. Further, Cisa was issued by TUV Product Service a certificate for the construction of pressure vessels based on the directive 97/23/ECC following the PED procedure.

Cisa s.r.l.
Via Pontina KM. 28
00040 Pomezia (RM)

Tel: +39- 06 9114371


Chemische Fabrik DR. WEIGERT (GmbH & Co.)

to Chemische Fabrik DR. WEIGERT (GmbH & Co.)...

Chemische Fabrik DR. WEIGERT is a specialist in the field of mechanical cleaning and for the solution of hygiene problems in areas of professional application:

Catering hygiene with the focus on dishwashing, the cleaning and disinfection of equipment in laboratories and medical technology, programme-controlled cleaning and disinfection in the food industry.

To achieve this we develop, manufacture and market cleaning and disinfection agents under the brand names neodisher® and neomoscan®.

DR. WEIGERT - neodisher DR. WEIGERT - neomoscan

As a system provider, we put service at the core of our business: comprehensive expert advice and extensive technical service, computer-supported application optimisation as well as the most modern dosing and control systems.

For more information, visit our website at or make ...

Chemische Fabrik DR. WEIGERT (GmbH & Co.)
Mühlenhagen 85
D-20539 Hamburg

Tel: +49-(0)40-7 89 60-0
Fax: +49-(0)40-7 89 60-120

ebro Electronic

to ebro Electronic...

ebro Electronic is a fast growing, innovative manufacturer of electronic handheld measurement instruments and data loggers that are used in food, medicine and pharmacy. As a business unit of Xylem's WTW GmbH, ebro sells its range of proprietary temperature, humidity, pressure, oil quality, and other instruments in over 100 countries. To evaluate the measurement data, ebro also provides different software versions which comply with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Xylem is a company headquartered in the U.S. with over 12,000 employees worldwide and over $3.8 Billion in annual revenues in 2012 that produces superior quality pumping, water treatment, and analytical instrumentation.

ebro Electronic • WTW GmbH
Peringerstraße 10
85055 Ingolstadt

Tel: +49-(0)841-95478 0
Fax: +49-(0)841-95478 80


to Ecolab...

As an industry leader in infection control and prevention, Ecolab provides a wide array of solutions for the healthcare market. Ecolab's Healthcare Division has tailored programs to meet customers' unique needs, no matter where they're located around the globe.

Ecolab offers infection prevention strategies through comprehensive product lines, including instrument care, surface disinfectants, liquid and foaming surgical scrubs, healthcare personnel hand washes, antibacterial waterless hand rinses and much more.

The Healthcare Division's cleaning and sanitation solutions provide the framework for effective infection prevention. Only Ecolab has a complete portfolio of products to fully serve the broad needs of the healthcare industry.


Ellab A/S

Ellab A/S

Ellab Products

For more than 50 years Ellab has been combining hardware, software, sensors and fittings in order to provide customers with customized "turn-key" thermal validation solutions.

The unique experience and understanding of customer applications have resulted in a full range of sensors, fittings, packing glands and other accessories ensuring that measurements are always made in the correct location with reproducible results.

Thermal Validation Solutions
Thermal validation is performed to document that a sterilization process is working properly and according to regulations. Thermal validation solutions from Ellab have been developed according to GAMP standards and the performance carefully documented. Several large pharmaceutical customers have audited our equipment and our QA system and FDA accepts validation data from Ellab solutions. Of course our software is 21 CFR, part 11 compliant.

Ellab's monitoring system is a complete, cost effective solution to maintain compliance and control of your laboratory, production and stability monitoring requirements.

Medical Solutions
Ellab provides innovative medical devices for measurement of patient temperature. The unique sensors provide surgeons and doctors with fast, reliable and precise results.

Pyrogen Testing Solutions
Today pharmaceutical companies have to test their injectable products. However, certain protein-based injectables can only be tested with the traditional Pyrogen test. Pyrogen testing is paper consuming and tedious work. However, Ellab provides a solution helping the customer develop the necessary documentation according to the specified pharmacopoeia with a minimum amount of manual paper work.

Ellab provides both calibration equipment such as baths, dry blocks and temperature standards along with calibration services from our own metrology labs. The Ellab metrology lab facilities are among the finest in the industry since Ellab believes the starting point for any measurement is to have a reproducible and highly precise standard.

Ellab A/S
Trollesmindealle 25
DK-3400 Hilleroed

Tel: +45 4452 0500
Fax: +45 4452 0505


to FAMOS BV...

find out more about Famos' workstations find out more about Famos' pre-cleaning find out more about Famos' transport find out more about Famos' storage find out more about Famos' sealers special request?

Famos bv is a Dutch manufacturer of stainless steel equipment, accessories and consumables for Central Sterilisation Service Departments (CSSD). Our customers vary from small clinics and dentists to academic hospitals and pharmaceutical industries.

Famos was founded in 1946 and over the years we have gained a lot of experience and a good reputation within the medical field. We are currently active through a distributor network in Europe, North America and South America, Middle East and Far East, which make up for fifty countries in total. In addition, we have a subsidiary in Germany, which manufactures and supplies consumables, like indicators, labels and Bowie and Dick tests.

Famos offers different kinds of impulse sealers for whenever only small quantities of packaging are sealed. In case larger quantities need to be sealed famos offers different series of rotating heat sealers, which vary from very simple models to very extinguished sealers that not only have different printing possibilities, but which can also be connected to a label printer or an external computer. Famos bv was the first within the medical field to manufacture sealers that were micro-processor controlled and that have the possibility to print various data, like packing date and barcode on the packaging.

Apart from sealing equipment, our product range also includes various other products, like pre-cleaning stations, ultrasonic cleaning baths, packing tables, paper trolleys, baskets, trays, storage racks and transport trolleys.

Another example that shows the extensiveness of the Famos product range is that we have more than 300 different kinds of baskets and trays in our range, from DIN baskets and ISO baskets to fine mesh wire trays.

Famos is well known for its high quality products and competetive prices. We make sure that all of our items meet our high quality standards. For example, all Famos heat sealers have been TÜV tested and all products on which the CE-regulations apply, carry the CE-mark. In addition, Famos has also DIN certification.

Next to our standard products, we can also implement client specific requirements within our products.

We strive to offer our customers the best possible service, both before and during sales, as well as after-sales.One of the services that Famos offers, is a one-year warranty that is being given on its heat sealing equipment. As the medical field is constantly developing, Famos keeps developing and integrating new innovative solutions within its current product range.


Famos bv
Noorderpoort 20
5916 PJ Venlo
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)77-354 88 00
Fax: +31 (0)77-352 04 32



Franke Medical Oy

to Franke Medical Oy...

Since 1 January, 1994 Franke Medical Oy has been part of Franke Group. The factory was built in 1970 and is located at Naarajarvi approximetely 300 km north of Helsinki.

The product range includes domestic sinks, sink tops, kitchen hoods, kitchenette units, bathroom equipment, sanitary ware and automatic washer-thermal disinfectors for healthcare and laboratory applications.

DEKO washer-disinfectors have been designed and manufactured since 1970's at Franke Medical Oy. Thanks to the long experience of the research & development, production and marketing personnel, as well as most advanced modern manufacturing facilities, Franke Medical Oy is one of world's leading companies offering reliable automatic cleaning and thermal disinfection machines, which meet the highest requirements and standards of modern health care globally.

The operations and products meet the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and MDD 93/42/EEC ISO13485 and have been audited and certified by VTT Industrial Systems, Notified Body no. 0537 under Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

Franke Deko Deko Range - ...
Today's range of the Deko machines consists of washer-disinfectors in four different sizes, a bedpan washer-disinfector and a drying cabinet

Franke Medical Oy
Vartiokuja 1
76850 Naarajärvi

Tel: +358-(0)15-34 111
Fax: +358-(0)15-3411 760
Gandus Saldatrici

Gandus Saldatrici Srl

Gandus Saldatrici Srl

Gandus Saldatrici is proud to introduce the new range of high tech fully validatable as from ISO 11607 rotary sealers: minirò H-lan and minirò H-lan touch, which perfectly meet the needs of advanced sterilization departments and medical industry. Their technological heart allows the complete control of the functions of the machine and the complete traceability of the sealing parameters. The touch version, with a touch screen for programming and visualizing the sealing parameters, provides a highly advanced software on Windows platform, which enables the application in either CSSD or industrial applications, sharing the data required for validation of the sealing process to ISO 11607 standards. By attaching the machine to a computer via Ethernet it is possibile to programme the machine remotely, share and save sealing parameters history for archiving and diagnose any incorrect function within the process. Everything with the aim of implementing quality, functionality and reliability.

Gandus Saldatrici Srl
Via Milano 5, 20010

Tel: +39-(0)2-93194.1
Fax: +39-(0)2-93568803

Getinge Infection Control AB

Getinge Infection Control is the world leading provider of solutions for sterile processing in the healthcare sector. We aim to ensure the highest quality and safety at the lowest total cost. We offer complete solutions for a seamless workflow, reducing the risk of contamination while helping healthcare to increase efficiency.

Getinge Infection Control AB
Box 69
305 05 Getinge

Tel: +46-(0)10-335 30 00



Auf der Lind 10
65529 Waldems
Phone +49-(0)6126-9432 0
Fax +49-(0)6126-9432 10

hawo GmbH


hawoFuture Ideas. Reliable Innovations.

Future Ideas.
Reliable Innovations.

Monitoring - Packaging - Validation

We develop innovative packaging solutions for
sterile barrier systems for hospitals, doctors' and
dentists' surgeries, dry cleaners and laundries as
well as for industry. Innovation and quality are
central to our business philosophy. These two
values can be applied to all the areas in which we
are active - both internally and externally.

Our development team keeps a close watch on the market in order to identify
trends early on and translate these into innovative products. Our products and
services meet the highest quality standards. In order to follow these claims,
we do a lot: We have been certified according to ISO 2001 since 1994, and
we have had additional certification according to the process-oriented quality
management standard DIN EN ISO 2001:2000 since 2003.
As a worldwide exporter, we have operated according to the guidelines of the
EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) since 1996 and were
awarded the Total Quality Management Certificate by the RWTÜV Essen.



Sealers and accessories
for sterile packaging in
clinics and in medical




Test systems for the testing
of sealing processes
(Performance Qualification).




Sealers and accessories
for sterile packaging in
laboratories and doctors'
and dentists' surgeries.



hawo GmbH • Obere Au 2-4 • 74847 Obrigheim/Germany
T +49 (0) 6261/9770-0 • F +49 (0) 6261/9770-69


HEART Consultancy

to HEART Consultancy...

Healthcare through Appropriate and Reliable Technology

HEART Consultancy is a specialized consulting agency in the field of planning and management of physical assets in the health sector. The second area of expertise is in the sterilization of medical supplies. Our agency is focusing on the health services in low-income countries.

We have a great number of years of experience in the field in a variety of countries on the Sub-Saharan African continent. Through this experience we can offer advice in the various aspects related to planning and management of assets, appropriate to the needs of health institutions in low-income countries. The activities include consultancies, field studies, publications, training and software development.

HEART Consultancy
Quadenoord 2
6871 NG Renkum
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)317-450468
Fax: +31-(0)317-450469

Humanmeditek Co,Ltd.

Humanmeditek - HTML Plasma Sterilizer

HMTS-30E | HMTS-80 | HMTS-80E | HMTS-142 | HMTS-142D

Humanmeditek Co., Ltd.
2nd Fl., 451-1
Kasan-dong, Keumcheon-gu
Seoul, 153-803

Tel: +82-2-6292-2588
Fax: +82-2-868-1555

ICOS Impianti Group S.p.A.

to ICOS Impianti Group S.p.A....

Washing and Sterilization Equipment

ICOS designs, manufactures and installs high quality devices such as washers, disinfectors and steam sterilizers meant for the medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical field.

ICOS Pharmaceutical Division - Washing, Sterilizing and Drying equipment for life sciences ICOS Pharmaceutical Division - Washing, Disinfecting and Sterilizing equipment for CSSDs ICOS Pharmaceutical Division - Washing, Sterilizing and Decontamination equipment for research laboratories

ICOS Impianti Group S.p.A.
via Enea Ellero, 15
33080 Cusano di Zoppola (PN)

Tel: +39-(0)434-979596
Fax: +39-(0)434-574080

Interster International

to Interster International...

Interster International is an ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 13485:2003 / CE certified company, specialized in solutions for the CSSD (Central Sterilization Service Department) and the OR (Operating Room). Though located in The Netherlands, Interster is active around the globe. Her world-wide presence at international venues concerning sterilization and operating room supplies, makes sure that Interster International is committed to product research and development in these fields.

Interster Sterilization Products

The implementation of the Medical Device Directive in 1993 marked the coming of age of the CSSD's in European hospitals. Since then, CSSD's all over the world have given much thought into proving that the sterilization units they use actually perform the way they should. In the meantime, the medical devices that need sterilizing have changed drastically. As a result of the development of minimal invasive surgery, the CSSD has been confronted with a variety of instruments. This has raised the question if the traditional methods for testing the working process of the sterilization units are still applicable. All ISP® Sterilization Control Products are validated batch wise by an independent laboratory, which enables Interster International to guarantee a maximum quality. Interster's ISP® range of control products helps the CSSD to perform all tests necessary.

Interster International
Samsonweg 2a
1521 RC Wormverveer
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)75 64 02 606
Fax: +31-(0)75 64 00 244

Kimberly-Clark Health Care

to Kimberly-Clark Health Care...

Trusted Clinical Solutions*
Delivering Clinical Solutions
That Give Customers "One Less Worry."

At Kimberly-Clark Health Care, our mission is to deliver clinical solutions customers can depend on to meet the demands of their fast-paced world. K-C Health Care's educational programs, industry expertise and consultative approach to service helps customers keep pace with important trends and improve compliance in their areas of specialty.

Every day we work to deliver solutions that help prevent, diagnose and manage major issues in three clinical areas:

  • Healthcare-associated Infections - with products such as Kimberly-Clark Microcuff* Endotracheal Tubes
  • Surgery - with products such as Kimberly-Clark InteguSeal* Microbial Sealant and Kimguard® Sterilization Wrap
  • Digestive Health - with products such as Kimberly-Clark Mic-Key* Enteral Feeding Tubes

With more than 25 years in the sterilization business, Kimberly-Clark pioneered the development of Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (SMS) nonwoven fabric. This high performance fabric is the material behind the Kimberly Clark Kimguard® sterilization wrap which is available in a wide variety of weights and sizes and meets the EN ISO 11607 requirements. With its patented design of One-Step sterilization wrap, Kimberly-Clark is offering to customers two sheets thermally sealed to deliver the protection of double wrapping in a single step.

Kimberly-Clark Health Care
Belgicastraat 13
1930 Zaventem
Tel: +32-(0)2-711 26 50
Fax: +32-(0)2-711 26 90

Wherever there are people, there is Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark products are sold in more than 150 countries. Kimberly-Clark maintain administrative, manufacturing facilities, operating and geographic headquarters in 37 countries with the world headquarters being located in Dallas, Texas.


Laoken Technology Co., Ltd

Laoken Technology Co., Ltd

Laoken Technology Co., Ltd


Laoken Technology is one of the leading manufactures of low temperature plasma sterilizer and air disinfection; instrument sterilization with ISO9001/ISO13485/CE certification.

With the foundation concept of care for life, concern health, the company has developed its own products with brand and patent by self-reliance and technology import.

Through the efforts of several generations, the company has long being engaged in the distribution and popularization of new products and technology in fields of disinfecting, purification and sterilization. And now, we have many distributors in Oceania, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Peru, Brazil and so on.

Laoken Technology provides the following to maximize the satisfaction of our customers:

  • A Comprehensive Medical Disinfection & Sterilization Service Supplier
  • A solution for Air disinfection and purification
  • A solution for instrument sterilization
  • A solution for instrument cleaning
  • A solution for CSSD planning

Laoken Technology’s LK/MJG-Series Plasma Sterilizer also offer the best quality including:

  1. The fastest cycle time: 16 minutes
  2. Sterilization effects: for 1mm diameter stainless steel, we can reach 600 mm without any booster.
  3. Humanized design: foot switch, flexible shelves, built in-incubator

Laoken Technology - LK/MJG-Series

For more information, you are welcome to visit our website at

Laoken Technology - Lifecarer, Your Better LIFE Values CARER

Laoken Technology Co., Ltd
268 Zhanggang Road
South Modern Area
Pixian, Chengdu
Republic of China

Tel: +86-28-87804349
Fax: +86-28-87804349


to Matachana...

MATACHANA has been manufacturing and selling equipment for the Health and Hotel and Catering sectors in Spain since 1962. MATACHANA has also been marketing sterilization products internationally for over 20 years.

MATACHANA makes and markets a wide range of sterilizers, accessories and equipment designed to meet the needs arising at central sterilization units of hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, universities, dental and ophthalmological clinics, as well as for treatment of hazardous biocontaminated waste.

to Matachana...

Matachana Central
Almogávares, 174
08018 Barcelona

Tel: +34-93 300 8012
Fax: +34-93 309 8692

Medisafe International

to Medisafe International...

Medisafe - Niagara ultrasonic - Cannulated Instrument Washer Disinfector

Medisafe International
Twyford Road
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 3LJ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-(0)1279-461641
Fax: +44-(0)1279-461643

Miele & Cie. KG

to Miele & Cie. KG...

Quality to enjoy
Technology to trust
Design to delight

User convenience always
has top priority at Miele
Miele & Cie. KG
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
D-33332 Gütersloh

Tel: +49-(0)5241-89 0
Fax: +49-(0)5241-89 2090
MMM Group

MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH

to MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH...

The European leader with worldwide activities in the supply of custom-made full package solutions in the field of sterilisation and disinfection technology, for hospitals, laboratories, industrial service providers and industry.

MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH
Semmelweisstraße 6
82152 Planegg

Tel: +49-(0)89-89918 0
Fax: +49-(0)89-89918 18

Mölnlycke Health Care

to Mölnlycke Health Care...

Mölnlycke Health Care is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of single-use products for surgical interventions and wound management. The product range consists mainly of sterile products for use in operating theatres, such as patient drapes, staff clothing, surgical dressings and advanced wound care products.

We are totally dedicated to health care professionals and their patients. First-class, single-use products and services shall ensure optimal pre-conditions for: safe surgical intervention, gentle and more effective wound healing and speedier recovery.



to OPHARDT hygiene....

to OPHARDT OPHARDT hygiene....

A groundbreaking advancement towards sustainable hand hygiene in the future.

How can hand hygiene be an effective tool against hospital acquired infections? Can we integrate hand hygiene into the normal daily routines of the healthcare staff?

How can compliance be increased?

How can we minimize our impact on the environment while doing this?

With our new ingo-man® Weco we provide solutions to all of these questions.

Lindenau 27
47661 Issum

Tel: +49-(0)2835-18 0
Fax: +49-(0)2835-18 189

Pereg GmbH

to Pereg GmbH...

PEREG - Cleaning Efficacy Indicators
for Validation and Routine Monitoring


  • Test object for monitoring of the cleaning efficiency of washer-disinfectors
  • Use for reprocessing of surgical instruments in washer-disinfectors
  • Test soil correlating to human blood


  • Test object for monitoring the efficiency of cleaning process with strong protein dissolving action
  • Use for cleaning of specia soiled instruments in washer-disinfectors and / or ultrasonic equippment
  • Test soil correlating to denaturate water insoluble proteins


  • small stainless steel tray for fixation of TOSI®-test objects
  • To be used in plastic trays where TOSI®´s cannot be fixed


  • Test object simulating cannulated instruments
  • Use for monitoring the cleaning efficiency for reprocessing cannulated instruments in washer-disinfectors or ultrasonic cleaners


  • Test stripe for use with LumCheck
  • Test soil correlating to human blood


  • Test object simulates a Flexible Endoscope channel
  • Use for monitoring the cleaning efficiency of endoscope washers with channel irrigation system


  • Test stripe for use with FlexiCheck
  • Two separate test soils demonstrating the removal of blood and polysaccharides


  • Test Kit for detection of blood residues on surfaces
  • Pre-prepared test easy to use
  • Detection limit of 0.1µg within seconds


  • Test Kit for detection of blood residues on biopsy channel
  • Pre-prepared test easy to use
  • Detection limit of 0.1µg within seconds


  • Test for monitoring the energy in ultrasonic cleaner
Pereg GmbH
Porschestrasse 12
84478 Waldkraiburg

Tel: +49-(0)8638-84195
Fax: +49-(0)8638-84162

Pharmalabel BV

Pharmalabel manufactures a range of innovative sterilization products like:
  • Self-adhesive label
  • Container accessories
  • Specific quality tests (Bowie & Dick test, Helix tests, Washing tests)
  • Control strips
  • Printing & registration possibilities and a lot of specialties.
The most of these products are provided with a chemical sterilization indicator. The unique change of colour indicates that the sterilization process has been successfully completed. The high quality sterilization products are validated for different sterilization processes like: STEAM, Ethyleen Oxide (EO), Plasma, Formaldehyde and Dry Heat.
Pharmalabel has a broad knowledge and experience in manufacturing these products. Also the materials and adhesives of the labels are especially selected for the sterilization process. We are ISO certified and we are operating in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.
Pharmalabel mainly supplies to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals (CSSD and OR), laboratories and worldwide agents. We ensure the sales directly to users and agents all over the world.
Industrieterrein Borchwerf
Vaartveld 15a
4704 SE Roosendaal
The Netherlands
Postbus 1115
4700 BC Roosendaal
Tel: +31 165 595000
Fax: +31 165 399677
PMS Medikal

PMS Medikal

to PMS Medikal...

PMS Medikal provides a wide range of Sterile Barrier Systems, Sterilization Control Products and Pack Closure Systems for her customers from more than 50 countries.

Certified production system with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485, all products conforms with international norms like EN 868, ISO 11607, ISO 11140 and CE marked.

Apart from those standard products of hospital use, our highly flexible production systems allow us to produce, taylor made pouches for individual needs of Medical Device Manufacturers.

New converting facility for co-extrusion, coating, laminating, printing; now produces high quality top and bottom webs from a validated process and equipments.

  • Sterilization Reels
  • Sterilization Pouches
  • Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches
  • Tyvek ®
  • Autoclave Tapes
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Bowie & Dick Test Packs
  • Steam Indicator Strips
  • EO Indicator Strips
  • Roll Dispensers & Cutters
  • Rotary Sealers
  • Rotary Sealers - with Printer
  • Transfer Roller
  • Films for the Medical Device Industry
  • Medical Papers for the Medical Device Industry
  • Pouches for the Medical Device Industry
PMS Medikal
Ambalaj San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Dr. Ayhan Aybar Cad. 6. Sk. No:11 33021
Mersin Serbest Bölge

Tel: +90-(0)324-238 70 42
Fax: +90-(0)324-238 65 49



RENOSEM RENO-Series Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer - RENO D50

♦  Reliability
♦  Economy
♦  Efficiency


RENOSEM CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer and has been developing various medical devices using plasma application and Infection Control System. RENOSEM CO., LTD. has been distributing state-of-the-art medical products through business partners globally.
RENO Plasma sterilizer prevent patients and users from infection by means of sterilizing 100% surgical devices such as endoscopes (GI endo, laparoscope, surgery robot), catheters, cannula, etc. Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer has been placed very fast as an essential sterilizer which can sterilize humidsensitive and heat-sensitive medical devices in OR and CSSD in General hospital as well as Ophthalmology, Biolab, veterinary clinic [hospital], dental clinic, and various industries.

RENOSEM RENO-Series Plasma Sterilizer - RENO S130


  • Compact & Easy-to-use design
  • Sterilize heat&humid-sensitive medical devices
  • 40~50 minutes rapid sterilization cycle time
  • No harm to patient & Non-toxic residues
  • No additional facilities required
  • Proven strong sterilization efficacy
Bucheon Techno Park Ssangyong 3-Cha, 36-1
Samjeong-dong Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korea 421-742

Tel: +82-(0)32-624 4900
Fax: +82-(0)32-624 4910

Schülke & Mayr GmbH

to Schülke & Mayr GmbH...

Schülke & Mayr GmbH - Medical Hygiene

Schülke & Mayr GmbH - Medical Hygiene

Schülke & Mayr GmbH
Robert-Koch-Strasse 2
22851 Norderstedt

Tel: +49-(0)40-52100 0
Fax: +49-(0)40-52100 318
SIGMA Taiwan

SIGMA Medical Supplies Corp.

to SIGMA Medical Supplies Corp....

SIGMA Medical Supplies Corp. - Sterilization Packaging and Sterilization Products
SIGMA Medical Supplies Corp. - Medical Disposable Products

SIGMA Medical Supplies Corp.
2Fl., No. 19, Lane 97, Sec. 1 Hsin-Sheng S. Rd.
Taipei 106

Tel: +886-2-2775 1140
Fax: +886-2-2777 4201


to STEELCO S.p.A....

to STEELCO S.p.A....

via Balegante, 27
Riese Pio X

Tel: +39-(0)423-7561
Fax: +39-(0)423-755528


to Stericool™...

Stericool - Leading low temperature sterilisation efficacy at an affordable price

Plasma sterilization

Stericool - Plasma sterilization...

H2O2 cold plasma is the most advanced sterilization, offering the highest efficacy without toxic byproducts or damage.

Learn More

Process monitor

Stericool - Process monitor...

Our products are manufactured under continuous quality control to high medical and product quality standards with full CE certification.

Learn More

Easy installation

Stericool - Installation...

A Stericool device is simply plug and play. It only requires a standard power connection. No extra civil work required!

Learn More

Ivedik OSB 1436. Sok
No.14 Ostim

Tel: +90 312 387 39 40
Fax: +90 312 387 39 48


to STERIS...

STERIS SOLUTIONS: Helping to provide a healthier today and a safer tomorrow.

STERIS is a leading global provider of infection prevention, contamination control, decontamination microbial reduction, and surgical and critical care support products, services and technologies used in the healthcare industry.

From washing and decontamination to sterilisation and sterility assurance, STERIS’s systems and services add continuity, consistency, and quality to proper instrument care.

The washing and sterilisation products are offered through various brand names that include STERIS System 1, Amsco, Hamo and Reliance and the sterility assurance consumables are offered under the brand name that include Browne and Verify.

The mission of STERIS is to provide a healthier today and safer tomorrow through knowledgeable people and innovative infection prevention, decontamination and health science technologies, products and services.

STERIS Limited
Jays Close
Hampshire RG22 4AX
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-(0)1256-840400
Free Phone: 0800-252600
Fax: +44-(0)1256-866502
TRANS Medikal

TRANS Medikal

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VP Group

VP Group

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Stericlin® has been your partner for medical packaging over the last 30 years and is Germany's leading producer in the field of sterilisation monitoring and chemical indicators. Stericlin® is part of VP-Group with world wide representations.

Stericlin® packaging systems for hospitals meet all requirements and resolve all packaging issues of a contemporary central sterilization department. For all common sterilization processes. All indicators and colors, paper qualities and films, crepe papers and non-woven fabrics are developed further to suit special requirements, and inspected to ensure compliance with standards.

At VP, all Stericlin® products have always been subjected to strict quality inspections. We meet all relevant DIN, EN and ISO standards. Consistently high quality is guaranteed by state-of-the-art production facilities and inspection instruments, comprehensive and accurate documentation, and - most important of all - well-educated, highly qualified and motivated employees.

Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken GmbH
Industriestrasse 6
91555 Feuchtwangen

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Warwick SASCo

Warwick SASCo Ltd

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Established in 1981 the company has developed its products almost as fast as building its family of distributors and representative agents. Warwick SASCo supply 100 products to over 60 countries with 200+ distributors making us the World's leading supplier of hospital holloware equipment. Warwick SASCo's network of UK sales reaches all NHS and private hospitals, armed forces, nursing and care sectors, dental, chiropody, veterinary and also retailing operations. Warwick SASCo are certified to ISO9001:2000 with most products registered as Medical Devices.

Warwick SASCo are an active member of the BHTA - British Healthcare Trades Association. The company's director Darby Booth works with Decontamination and Infection Control Section for products and procedures involved with sterilisation, decontamination and hygiene. Warwick SASCo are member of several Health and Hygiene Professional groups - ICNA - Infection Control Nurses Association and IDSc - Institute of Decontamination Sciences.

Warwick Sasco Ltd
Warwick House
Heathcote Way
CV34 6TE
United Kingdom
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Wipak Medical

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Wipak Medical...

Supplying customers in more than 70 countries, WIPAK MEDICAL is one of the leading packaging companies, specialised in medical packaging applications.

WIPAK MEDICAL covers two distinct application areas of medical packaging.


Health Care Products offers a comprehensive selection of items to meet the needs of modern sterilisation practices in the Central Sterile Supply Departments of hospitals and other health care institutions. The main group of products is the see-through pouches and rolls, marketed under the well-known and appreciated STERIKING® brand name.


Medical Industrial is a world leader in the manufacture of thermoformable medical films. WIPAK MEDICAL offers a wide range of different multilayer film structures and breathable packaging materials for sterilisation purposes in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

WipakWipak Steriking®

3M Health Care

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3M Sterilization Assurance Products

3M offers a comprehensive range of sterilization assurance products such as 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biologocal Indicators, 3M™ Comply™ Integrators, Chemical and Biological Test packs, Bowie-Dick Test Packs, Chemical Indicator Tape, Packaging line of products and 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Ethylene Oxide Equipment.

Electronic Test System
A revolution in sterilization monitoring

Developed by 3M Health Care Business in conjunction with leading sterile service professionals, the pioneering 3M™ Electronic Test System (ETS) is a vital step forward for sterilization assurance programs.

A unique, stand alone device, the ETS measures the physical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle.It eliminates the possibility of subjective interpretation of results, indicates causes of failure and enables computer aided graphic analysis with precise data archiving.

Unlike other test systems, the ETS clearly shows the test result as a «pass» or «fail». These functions together with a number of other innovative design characteristics ensure that the ETS provides the accurate and independent sterilization testing that sterile service professionals rely on.

3M United Kingdom PLC
PO Box 1
3M House
Market Place
Berkshire RG12 1JU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-(0)8705-360036
4A Medical

4A Medical Industry

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4A MEDICAL is a leading manufacturer and provider of sterile medical packaging solutions, Sterile Barrier Systems, sterilization reels and pouches, sterile container systems and highly sensitive control products.

Our aim is to maintain perfect sterilization in CSSD by producing high tearing strength with perfect clean-peelable sterile barrier products and validating superiority of sterilization by using control products. This way, safety is provided not only for the patient but also for the user.

Our product ranges include:

  • Sterilization Reels (Flat & Gusseted)
  • Sterilization Pouches (Flat & Gusseted)
  • Medical packaging for light sensitive medical devices
  • Customized packaging solutions for medical device manufacturer
  • Tyvek ® Reels & Pouches for EO Gas, H2O2, Formaldehyde Sterilization
  • Steam Autoclave Tape
  • Bowie & Dick Test Pack
  • Process Indicator Strips
  • Emulating Indicator Strips Class 6
  • Sterilization Crepe Sheets
  • Sterilization Container Systems (Basic, Safe, Bio Barrier)
  • Documentation materials
  • Medical Sealers and Workstations
4A Medical Industry
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Tel: 0090 312 363 50 52
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ASP - Advanced Sterilization Products

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Advanced Sterilization Products has set industry standards for quality, reliability, and safety since 1993 as a global leader in the development and application of innovative instrument processing products.

Consistent with the Johnson & Johnson Credo and Advanced Sterilization Products' Mission Statement, these core values have resulted in pioneering products such as the STERRAD® Sterilization System and the CIDEX® Family of Products.


Aesculap AG

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Partner for Surgery

Aesculap has been supporting the development of surgery for more than 135 years. From this experience, Aesculap has today become a system provider for the entire core process in the operating theatre. From surgical access, through the surgery itself to wound closure and sterile reprocessing, Aesculap offers system solutions from one source.

Whether it be surgical instruments, implants for orthopaedics and spinal surgery, surgical sutures, sterile containers, navigation systems or the comprehensive service concept, Aesculap's innovative technology portfolio makes it the competent partner to work with. For surgeons of all disciplines.

We support you with solutions of our business areas Surgical Technologies, Closure Technologies, Orthopaedics, Spine, Neurosurgery and Power Systems.

Aesculap AG
Am Aesculap-Platz
78532 Tuttlingen

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FiberSolutions: The art of building close relationships with our customers; gaining an intimate understanding of their individual needs and creating high-performance solutions based on natural and man-made fibers.

There are endless opportunities with fiber solutions. They make a difference to your life - business and personal. Discover your fiber solution in our product lines list and, if you can't find what you need, mail us your requirements. There will always be a fiber specialist to develop for you a tailor-made solution.


ALVI srl

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ALVI srl
S.S. 230 n. 49

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In partnership with hospitals and clinics

The mission of the "hospitals-clinics" division of Anios is to provide products and processes for the prevention of noscomial infection.

From a simple request to a search for specific solutions, Anios are in the position to give professional answers.

Anios also provide the following personalized services and tools:

  • General training and training in the use of products
  • Elaboration and follow-up of protocols
  • Compatibility surveys
  • Efficiency measurement on microorganisms of hospital origin...
Laboratoires Anios
Pavé du Moulin
59260 Lille-Hellemmes

Tel: +33-(0)3 20 67 67 67
Fax: +33-(0)3 20 67 67 68

Arjowiggins Healthcare

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STERISHEET® - Arjowiggins Healthcare...

32 Avenue Pierre Grenier
Boulogne-Billancourt - 92517

Tel: +33-(0)1 57 75 92 00

ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

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ASANUS manufacturers and supplies a complete range of more than 18.000 surgical and minimal invasive instruments for almost all surgical disciplines such as General Surgery, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedy, Traumatology, Maxillo-Facial Surgery, ENT, Microsurgery, Neurosurgery and Opthalmology.

ASANUS also develops specialized health care software solutions for instrument tracking, logistics and quality management.


ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH
take off Gewerbepark 2
78579 Neuhausen ob Eck

Tel: +49-(0)7467-9474 0
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BAG Health Care GmbH

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BAG Health Care GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes in-vitro diagnostics as well as sterilization and disinfection control products. As a manufacturer of made-to-order pharmaceuticals, we specialize in parenteral and lyophilized products.

Sterilization Indicator Systems

In the Hygiene Monitoring line BAG offers a wide range of products for hospitals, doctors’ offices, industry and other institutions. Our objective is to provide an integrated approach to support hygiene management and infection prevention in clinics and doctors’ offices.

BAG offers a uniquely wide product spectrum of indicator systems for the testing and verification of cleaning and disinfection processes, as well as biological and chemical indicator systems for monitoring all types of sterilization processes, and the accompanying process-oriented documentation as well as medical masks for the protection of patients and staff.

BAG Health Care GmbH
Amtsgerichtsstrasse 1-5
35423 Lich

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BAG Health Care GmbH - Hygiene Monitoring

BANDELIN electronic

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Company Profile

BANDELIN electronic, a family-owned mid-sized company, is located in the capital of Germany - Berlin. The company has 60 years of experience in ultrasound technology. Development and manufacture of ultrasonic devices and disinfectant and cleaning agents are carried out in Berlin. A high vertical range of manufacture, modern production lines and a high-motivated staff guarantee a high quality of the products. The customers can buy everything from one-hand. Ultrasonic devices are in use in nearly all branches like industry, maintenance, service, medical, pharmaceutical and dental fields as well as laboratories.

Development and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning units began already in 1949. The product range was enlarged in the middle of the eighties caused by increased sales. Adjustable and power-constant HF-generators were launched in 1992. The first ultrasonic therapy devices were introduced at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf in 1998. The brand names SONOREX, SONOPULS and SONOMIC are equated with ultrasound from experts. The most important product groups are:

  • SONOREX - Ultrasonic cleaning devices
  • SONOPULS - Ultrasonic homogenisers
  • SONOREX - Ultrasonic reactors
  • SONOMIC - Ultrasonic cleaning device for cannulated MIS instruments
  • ultraPuls - Ultrasonic therapy devices
  • STAMMOPUR and TICKOPUR - Disinfection and cleaning agents

BANDELIN electronic is the leader in development of new ultrasonic devices and opening up new application areas. In the latest 20 years about 20 patterns / utility patents and 28 brand names were applied for. The company supports several committees in compiling of norms and guidelines.

All products are CE marked, also as medical devices according to Medical Device Directive (MDD), and classified to UMDNS™, too.

BANDELIN electronic holds EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003+AC 2007 certification for medical products.

Disinfection & Cleaning Concentrates Built-In Units
BANDELIN electronic - STAMMOPUR Disinfection and cleaning concentrates - SONOREX ZE Built-in units
BANDELIN electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrichstrasse 3-4
12207 Berlin

Tel: +49-(0)30-76 880 0
Fax: +49-(0)30-77 346 99
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Belimed AG

As one of the leading companies operating in the area of infection control, Belimed has been developing, producing and marketing innovative cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization systems in the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories for over 40 years now.

We are committed to providing innovative system solutions for the Central Sterile Supply Department, increasing safety for both, patient and staff.

By offering the newest in technology and comprehensive service and support, we ensure reliability throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.

Belimed Products Belimed AG
Dorfstrasse 4
CH-6275 Ballwil

Tel: +41-(0)41-449 78 88
Fax: +41-(0)41-449 78 89


to Belintra...

Belintra: UFlex 3 modular storage system Belintra: Intrarack shelving system Belintra: terilisation products
UFlex 3 modular
storage system
Intrarack shelving
Belintra: Medicart closed modular trolley with drawers or roller shutter Belintra: Transport of sterile goods Belintra: Height adjustable table
Medicart closed
modular trolley
Transport of
sterile goods
Height adjustable


The effective management of logistics is vitally important in the health care industry. Efficient storage and transport practices can help to reduce the efforts required to address these issues and redirect the resources to patient care. During its 40 years of service, Belintra has gained extensive experience in logistics and is an expert in the field.


At Belintra we challenge ourselves every single day again to create better products for you. Thanks to both positive and negative feedback we can further improve and extend our product range. Our R&D department is constantly seeking for new solutions with superior materials and an optimal design.


We understand very well that our customers do not all have the same working methods or demands. That is why we prefer to work in close consultation with our customers to find the products that best meet their requirements and fit best within their environment. At Belintra, every product can be entirely adapted to our customers' needs.


We strive for an optimal combination of high quality and reasonable prices. This is made possible through our meticulous cost management. We manufacture approximately half of our products ourselves. Other products that can be produced in series are outsourced.

Aalbroekstraat 3
B9890 Semmerzake

Tel: +32-(0)9 389 00 00
Fax: +32-(0)9 389 00 90
BHT Disinfection Technology

BHT Disinfection Technology

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BHT Disinfection Technology

BHT, a SciCan Group Company, was established in Germany in 1978, and has grown into one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of Washer Disinfectors (WDs) for hospitals and laboratories.

Our product portfolio ranges from small undercounter models to medium and large cabin washer systems, and extends to fully automatic multi-chamber tunnel washer-disinfectors.

We offer WDs for cleaning, disinfecting and drying of laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, MIS instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, anaesthetic material including corrugated tubes, different types of containers, bottles, pipettes, test-tubes, etc.
BHT developed a special accessory programme for baskets and inserts, which fulfills the highest hygiene requirements and optimally utilizes the loading capacity.

During the 25 years of experience in the hygiene sector, BHT´s engineers developed extensive patents, from a dosing control system (flow meter) up to a special drum-appliance for the handling of corrugated tubes (ROTO-system).

In the last years, we have especially concentrated on the development and realising of innovative processing of flexible endoscopes - which in turn sets milestones in the processing of medical products in the market.

BHT Hygienetechnik -
Division of SciCan GmbH

Messerschmittstr. 11
86368 Gersthofen

Tel: +49-(0)821-27893 0
Fax: +49-(0)821-784099
Borer Chemie AG

Borer Chemie AG

to Borer Chemie AG...

worldwide - your specialist

for cleaning products and disinfectants

Borer Chemie AG is a leading supplier of products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection. We develop, produce and market internationally known brand products and proven processes for professional applications in hospital hygiene, industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical sector.

Cleaning prior to coating, ophthalmic glass cleaning, flat panel display cleaning, laboratory glassware cleaning and instrument reprocessing are niches, in which Borer Chemie AG is successfully positioned. Services like cleaning validation and chemical analyses are further examples for the offered assistance by Borer Chemie AG.

to Borer Chemie AG... - borer medicalto Borer Chemie AG... - borer industryto Borer Chemie AG... - borer labto Borer Chemie AG... - borer pharma
deconex®, decosept®, finicalc®, glisseal®
worldwide, plus on-site support
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003
Member of the International ResponsibleCare® initiative
Borer Chemie AG
Gewerbestrasse 13
CH-4528 Zuchwil

Tel: +41-(0)32-686 56 00
Fax: +41-(0)32-686 56 90
Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas Group

Bureau Veritas

Certainty about sterility and cleaning processes

Let us validate your sterilization process or cleaning and disinfection process to a standard norm.


If you want to demonstrate your sterilization processes and make sure your cleaning and disinfection processes run smoothly, it is important to arrange a validation periodically.

At Bureau Veritas, we take good care of these validations. We measure various physical parameters during the sterilization, cleaning and disinfection processes and assess the measurement results on the base of standards. 80% of this all takes place in hospitals, the other 20% takes place in Industrial areas.

Our Expertise

For example, we validate the following processes:

  • Steamsterilization;
  • Steamquality tests;
  • Liquid sterilization;
  • Hot air sterilization;
  • Wash and disinfection;
  • Wash and disinfection;
  • Human waste containers;
  • Endoscope washer;
  • Endoscope washer + dummy;
  • Freezerdryer freeze;
  • Freezing dryer sterilize;
  • Sterilization boilers and vessels according to SOP;
  • Destruction;
  • Climate space;

We also take care of English, German, VCC III and industry reports.

Bureau Veritas is specialized in validations for over 25 years now, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Our work processes are accredited according to the EN 17020 and ISO 9001. More information can be found via our website:

Bureau Veritas


C.B.M. S.r.l. Medical Equipment

to C.B.M. S.r.l. Medical Equipment...

We develop sterilization solutions for more than 60 years. Rigid sterilization containers and relevant accessories are nowadays our core business but we have a 360° vision in the CSSD department needs.

CBM is located in ITALY and all our processes, from the project to the manufacturing, have place absolutely in our sole Italian factory in Torre de Picenardi.

We have held the quality system certification since 1995; this proves the high level of quality that we supply.  EN ISO 9001:2008    EN ISO 13485:2004

CBM - Reusable Sterilization Containers We are proud to say that we have the widest reusable sterilization containers range in the world:
  • 3 different materials combined with
  • 4 different microbiological barriers
generate the incredible assortment.

Our research department work in close synergy with CSSD managers.
Our efforts lead us to produce a completely new concept for Reusable sterilization container:

The Perma-side filters is the only with a real permanent microbiological barrier.

Unchanged performances 5 years long are directly granted by us, the manufacturer.
CBM - Permaside Filters
CBM - Sterilization and Washing Baskets The range of sterilization or washing baskets is composed by hundreds of different sizes .

All models that can be implemented with our “Instrument fixation system” in continuous evolution to satisfy all the possible needs.
Different accessories and disposables are available.

Useful traceability solutions have been created to assist your CSSD managing the instrument logistic.
CBM - Accessories and Disposables
CBM - CSSD Products
Many other products for CSSD are available. Just contact us...


C.B.M. S.r.l. Medical Equipment
Via Castello 10/A CAP 26038
Torre Picenardi (CR) ITALY

Tel: +39-(0)375-394095
Fax: +39-(0)375-394098
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