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WFHSS Mission Statement

The WFHSS dedicates itself to the promotion of the worldwide harmonization of sterilization departments and of decontamination practices especially by providing:

  • a meeting place for national and regional non-profit sterilization societies, thus stimulating cooperation and the exchange of information and best practices;
  • information via its website to all our stakeholders and interested parties.

In this way we make a contribution not only to ensure that the quality of reprocessing is of the highest possible level across the globe but also to make the basic right of every patient to be treated with a medical device of a good quality come true. Integrity and objectivity, openness and transparency, cooperation and support are the core values in our organization.

Wim Renders

WFHSS Executive Committee

The board of the WFHSS periodically elects the executive committee. The current members of the WFHSS Executive Committee members are:

  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Dr. Christine Denis - WFHSS President
    Dr. Christine Denis, France
    WFHSS President
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Prof. Dr. Duygu Percin - WFHSS Vice President
    Prof. Dr. Duygu Percin, Turkey
    WFHSS Vice President
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Hervé Ney - WFHSS Treasurer
    Hervé Ney, Switzerland
    WFHSS Treasurer
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Andreja Zagar - WFHSS Vice Treasurer
    Andreja Zagar, Slovenia
    WFHSS Vice Treasurer
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Dr. Tillo Miorini - WFHSS Publication Officer
    Dr. Tillo Miorini, Austria
    WFHSS Publication Officer
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Teresa Salinska - WFHSS Education Officer
    Teresa Salinska, Poland
    WFHSS Education Officer
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Teressa Normington - WFHSS Secretary
    Teressa Normington, Australia
    WFHSS Secretary
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Dr. Vlatka Turcic - WFHSS Committee Member
    Dr. Vlatka Turcic, Croatia
    WFHSS Committee Member
  • WFHSS Executive Committee - Marcia Takeiti - WFHSS Committee Member
    Marcia Takeiti, Brazil
    WFHSS Committee Member

WFHSS Announcements

WFHSS Recommendations

ASHCSP/IAHCSMM Position Paper on Loaner Instrumentation
The project to update the Position Paper on the Management of Loaner Instrumentation and Implants has been completed. IAHCSMM and ASHCSP joined together again to provide up-to-date guidelines that may be used to develop policies and procedures to improve your day-to-day handling of these instruments and implants.
IAHCSMM is pleased to be able to make this document available on our website (click the link to your right). We hope it will be a resource you will turn to often in handling the many problems inherent in the use of loaner instrumentation and implants.
Sybil Williams, CRCST, CHL,CST,ACE,BS
President, IAHCSMM

Published on EFHSS: 24 May 2004
Produced by NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, Scottish Healthcare Supplies, Northern Ireland CSA Regional Supplies Service and Welsh Health Supplies in conjunction with the Association of British Healthcare Industries
This form is intended to supply prospective purchasers with information about equipment being considered for purchase. It is intended principally for pre-purchase information on electrical medical, dental, ophthalmic and laboratory equipment. The form may also be used for other products, including non-electrical items, and to give information prior to equipment being supplied on loan, in which case not all the questions will be relevant.

Published on EFHSS: 29 May 2004
(Recommendations AK "Quality"; in French)
Published on EFHSS: 20 November 2000

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WFHSS - World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply / Communications