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Central Service - Issue 4/08 - English VersionZentralsterilisation - Ausgabe 4/08 - Deutsche Version


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Central Service - Issue 4/08

Central Service - Issue 4/08


Medical Device Decontamination in Germany - Flop or top


What\’s New in Standardisation: Incomplete Texts
World Congress of Sterile Reprocessing, 4 - 7 June, Milan, Italy
2008 UK CSC Scientific Meeting
Overview of the V.S.Z. Symposium at Antwerp
DIAM and VAH Decontamination Symposium


M. Crutwell::
A Comparison of Surgical Instrument Test Soils Published in ISO/TS 15883-5
(Zentr Steril 2008; 16 (4): 261-265)

ISO/TS 15883-5 (1) Washer-disinfectors-Part 5: Test soils and methods for demonstrating cleaning efficacy of washer-disinfectors was published in 2005 and is a compendium of nationally recognised test soils and methods for testing cleaning efficacy in washer-disinfectors. This report investigated the comparative performance of selected soils that are intended to be used to establish the cleaning efficacy of surgical instruments in washer-disinfectors (as described in ISO 15883-2, 2005 [2]). These test soils were evaluated under laboratory conditions by devising a reproducible test method to mimic the mechanical and chemical action of a cleaning process. Two commercial washing indicators and a commercial test soil were also tested to compare their performance to these test soils. It was observed that test soils showed a range of performance; this can be attributed to the varying consistency of the soil, components, colour and application techniques.

Working Group of the Association Française de Stérilisation::
Architecture and Sterilisation Premises - Part 2


Decontamination of Motor Systems

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