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Central Service - Issue 5/00 - English VersionZentralsterilisation - Ausgabe 5/00 - Deutsche Version


WFHSS - World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply:: Publikationen :: Fachzeitschriften :: Zentralsterilisation :: Zentralsterilisation - Archiv :: Zentralsterilisation 5/00
Zentralsterilisation - Ausgabe 5/00

Zentralsterilisation - Ausgabe 5/00

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How far is too far?


What's New in Standardisation: Alternative Indicators for the Bowie & Dick Test
Erratum: Desorption of Ethylene Oxide (Issue no. 4/2000)
How Clean are Surgical Instruments in German Hospitals? A multi-centre trial provides an insight
Temporary Injunction against BVMed Leaflet
E-Commerce in the Healthcare Market: Major Potential Savings
Potsdam and the DGSV - A Synthesis of the Arts.
Congress of the German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV) 1 - 3 October 2000


S. Meurer, T. Arnold, E. Dennhöfer, R. Peter:
Critical Size of Test Pack for Steam Sterilisers with Chamber Volume of 80 Liters

The critical size of a small load has been determined on an experimental basis for sterilisers with a capacity of 1 sterilisation unit and a chamber volume of about 80 litres. The test pack should weigh approx. 4.7 kg. Test packs with a mass of less than 3 kg are just as unsuitable as the standard test pack specified in EN 285 with a mass of 7 kg w 0.7 kg.

J. Gömann, U. Kaiser, R. Menzel:
Reaction Kinetics of the Low-Temperature-Steam-Formaldehyde (LTSF) Sterilisation Process
Characterisation of Biological Indicators for Validation and Routine Monitoring

The kinetics of the low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilisation process has been described. A method for resistance determination for validation and monitoring of the LTSF process and resistance specifications for suitable biological indicators have been proposed.


H. Pahlke:
Investigation of the Bowie & Dick Test Programme with the ebro BD-Logger

One of the most important daily functional checks for any steam steriliser is the steam penetration test, the Bowie & Dick test (B&D test). The standard test pack as per EN 285 or indicators as per DIN EN 867 can be used for testing.
Using a highly precise measuring instrument, the Bowie-Dick Logger manufactured by ebro Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, the parameters of the Bowie & Dick test programme were checked for 3 sterilisers in a hospital. For all measurements in the 3 sterilisers It was possible to furnish proof on using the Bowie-Dick Datalogger that the specifications of the B&D test manufacturer as outlined in the standard were not complied with. For the user this means that there is no legal safety due to the lack of parameter compliance.
In summary, it can be stated that on using this BD-Datalogger correct implementation of a B&D test can be documented. The parameters should be checked weekly.


P. Heeg
Tuberculosis (2)


Just-in-time delivery system


Quality Assurance on the "Clean Side" of a CSSD

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